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About company

Company OOO Baumak

Company OOO Baumak was founded in 2001 in Stavropol, South of Russia. Scope of activity of our company is manufacturing and selling of construction equipment and materials. The main office is located in Stavropol, there are also branches and warehouses at Novorossiysk, Moscow and also representative offices at Pyatigorsk, Magas, Astrakhan, Volgograd etc.
The company is exposed for cooperation on supplying both components for manufacturing and ready pieces of the following construction equipment: laminated plywood, false work, concrete mixers, emulsol, poker vibrators, oriented strand board, armour spacers, components for production of false work, scaffolding prop and panel formwork, vibroplates, seam cutters, lifting equipment, construction stairs. This list is not full and constantly increased,as our company is permanently developing. The production is presented with both imported and of Russian-origin materials. Baumak production meets with a ready market not only in South of Russia, but also in its Central part.
We are interested in purchasing the equipment for manufacturing of the production listed above.

Please e-mail us we will be glad to consider the possibility to cooperate: supply@baumak.ru